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At Red Rock Physical Therapy we accept patients looking to self-pay or use their insurance. We are currently  in network with BCBS PPO, BCBS PPO Choice, and Medicare. We can assist with finding benefits for other insurance plans. We have affordable fee-for-service rates for non-insured, under-insured, high deductible plans for anyone wanting wellness services.

Payment at Red Rock

Self-Pay: Please inquire for hourly rate

Insurance: Claims will be submitted to insurance, remaining balance will be the patient’s responsibilities. Calling your individual insurance companies may help to see what your outpatient Physical Therapy benefits are. Feel free to reach out to us for billing questions.

Direct Access:

What is it?

In the state of Illinois patients are now able to schedule an appointment with a physical therapist without requiring a script from another medical provider.

Can I be a Direct Access Patient?

All self-pay patients are able to schedule an initial appointment. If you are wishing to use your insurance, you may want to call your insurance company for details.