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Direct Access in Physical Therapy!

Big news in the field of physical therapy: now in the state of Illinois, Direct Access has been approved! Direct Access allows people to directly make an appointment with a physical therapist without requiring a script from another medical professional. YOU can CHOOSE your providers to get you back to a PAIN FREE, ACTIVE LIFE and you don’t have to wait.

Is this for everyone?

Most insurance companies are allowing patients to bill their insurance without a script for a certain amount of visits and/or time. One exception to note is Medicare still requires a script from a physician for services provided by a PT. Checking with your individual insurance provider may be helpful.

Is Direct Access Safe?

As a physical therapist, we are trained to recognize “red flags” that may require further medical intervention. We recognize that working with other healthcare providers leads to well rounded care for patients and we will refer out as appropriate. For many sprains, strains, athletic injuries, muscle injuries, whiplash/neck pain, shoulder pain/frozen shoulders, sciatica/ low back and hip pain, and much more physical therapy is a great option for pain management and return to function. When you are able to see your Physical Therapist sooner, you can get back to the things you love faster. (not to mention, it makes your medical dollars go a lot further)

Congrats PTs!

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