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New Year, New Goal! 

Often at the beginning of the year, people make a resolution to start working out or to lose weight. This is a great goal; however, people often lose interest, have lack of time, or get busy with other tasks. Here are some tips to keep you going throughout the year.

1. Quality

If time is an issue, then doing quality workouts is important. You can accomplish a lot in 20-30 minutes. Picking the right exercises and doing a variety of exercises keeps your body and mind engaged. Your body is smart, so you need to challenge it by changing the exercises, changing the reps and length, and adjusting the weight. Don’t always feel pressured to join a gym. Working out at home can save a lot of time! Maybe start taking a walk during your lunch hour.

2. Reminder/Mindset 

Find the best time of day to fit working out into your schedule. That might fluctuate based on your week, as well. So be flexible and mentally plan a spot for 30-60 mins. Sometimes you might really have to dig deep to push yourself to stick to your schedule, but you will be happy you did!

3. Structure or Outline Your Workout 

Some people like to find videos online or join classes, but you can make up your own workout too. Be creative. See the bottom of the post for a sample workout layout. Before you start, have a plan of how you’re going to work out for that session. What will the focus be? Strength, stretching, cardio?

4. Workout Buddy/List Maker 

Find a partner that will hold you accountable or try making a list of your daily tasks and put exercise on it. You will feel accomplished when you cross it out 

5. Make it Fun!

We don’t stick to things we don’t typically like. There are lots of ways to work out and change up the activity. To name a few – weights, walking, jogging, biking, hiking, gardening, pilates, swimming, classes, dancing, machines at the gym, changing the setting.

Working out is so important for many aspects of health. At Red Rock PT we can help you start, keep you going, or give you new ideas! Contact us with any questions!

Sample Workout

5 min warm up (get that body moving)

Pick 4 exercises

Complete each exercise for 45 secs; 15 sec rest break

Do 3 rounds

Longer Rest break

Pick 4 new exercises 

Complete each exercise for 45 secs; 15 sec rest break

Do 3 rounds

Cool down and stretch ~5 mins or however long you need 


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