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Choosing your Physical Therapy Facility

Did you know, you can choose any physical therapist office for treatment!  If a doctor prescribes physical therapy for a patient they may refer you internally to an affiliated clinic. Many times in larger systems, they will even directly call you to set your first appointment up. Although convenient, this often makes people feel they have no choice in where to go for PT. Not all clinics are the same or offer the same level of care. As a patient you can ask for a hard copy of the script or for it to be faxed over to a clinic of your choice. Be a savvy consumer-pick the place that best fits you!

Some things to consider when looking for PT clinics

  • Are you the only patient being seen at a time?
  • What is the setting of the office-open treatment or private room treatment areas?
  • What type of therapy do they offer? Do they specialize in any technique?
  • Do they take my insurance?

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