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October is National Physical Therapy Month! We wanted to take this time to discuss some facts about Physical Therapy and give you some more information about our clinic.

The American Physical Therapy Association also offers a website,, that provides more information about what a physical therapist is and some common conditions that we treat.

In Illinois there is Direct Access, but what does this mean for you? First and foremost it means that you do not need a referral or script to come in and see your Physical Therapist. At Red Rock PT, we have three highly experienced Doctors of Physical Therapy available to treat you and we can often offer same day appointments.

Your pain is personal. Here are Red Rock we believe that each person should have a customized program based on their specific needs and goals. You will work together with your physical therapist to develop the approach that works best for you. You will get an hour of one-on-one care from our Doctors of Physical Therapy in a private treatment area.

Whether you are an avid weekend warrior, casual workout person or have never exercised, our Doctors of Physical Therapy will find a program that works for you. We tailor each session to fit the needs of our patient, and we meet you where you are in your wellness journey.

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