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Feel chained to your desk? Having trouble finding time to fit some exercise into the daily routine when stuck in your cubical? Try some of these simple exercises for 20-30 repetitions at your desk to burn some energy, improve posture,  and reduce your stress.

  • Alternating toe taps
  • Seated marching
  • Heel raises
  • Shoulder blade squeezes

    Computer Posture
    Sitting at Computer Posture Choices – Which would you rather have?
  • Shoulder shrugs/rolls
  • Seated knee extensions- extend your leg straight  hold for 5 sec then slowly lower
  • Upper trunk rotations- sitting in neutral posture, folding your arms across your chest, turn slowly side to side
  • Mini Squats – sit to stand from a stationary chair
  • Wall push ups

Other options, if you have the time, are to take the stairs when possible and go for a brisk walk during a break time or lunch. Remember every little bit of activity each day adds up to improve your health and wellness.


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