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We have made the difficult but necessary decision to halt in-person treatment sessions at Red Rock Physical Therapy and Wellness at close of business Thursday March 19th.

We will tentatively reopen for in-person treatments on Tuesday, March 31st if it is deemed safe to resume hands-on care. As you have been hearing, the spread of COVID-19 is occurring rapidly and we want to minimize risk for our patients, staff and the community.

If you would like to arrange a telehealth wellness or therapy session with Dr. Debbie Mitchell, PT or Dr. Emily Rotert PT during this difficult time, please directly contact us at or 815-451-4502 (text/call). Telehealth sessions can be effective for examination/consultation, verbal/visual movement re-education, education for self care, exercise prescription, progression of home exercise program, ergonomic desk set-up recommendations, and more.  Ami Wilson Kalisek, LMT will also be providing guided meditation and relaxation sessions to help relieve pain, and unsettled emotions during this stressful time. She can be reached at 815-354-9916 (text/call). These visits can be via FaceTime, phone, or video system.

Telehealth physical therapy treatments have been approved for BCBS PPO, BCBS PPO Choice and Medicare for certain situations. Guided meditation and relaxation sessions are not considered telehealth. We know that pain and functional issues don’t stop for a pandemic, so we want you to know Red Rock PT is still here for you.

Red Rock is offering these services between 8am-11:30am and 12:30pm-3pm during weekdays from 3/20-3/30.  Sessions will be 30-45 minute long depending on your needs.

We are hopeful at Red Rock Physical Therapy that we will resume business-as-usual very soon. In the meantime, please stay healthy and optimistic.

In health,

Dr. Deborah A. Mitchell, PT, DPT, MPT, CGS
Dr. Emily Rotert, PT, DPT  Concussion Specialist
Ami Wilson Kalisek, LMT

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